Arifoglu Organic Donkey Milk Soap - Turkish
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Arifoglu Organic Donkey Milk Soap - Turkish

Turks don’t use the milk just for nutrition purposes. You will get why this is a wise choice while you are using the amazing product, we offer Arifoglu Organic Donkey Milk Soap (Turkish). How do you get these wonderful donkey milk soaps from Turkey? Just apply the following step. Buy an organic donkey milk soap from our website. It’s that easy. But why Turks are using donkey milk in their soaps? What is the reason behind this?

  • Donkey Milk: Donkey milk is known as one of the greatest natural skincare sources in Turkey. The effect of it comes from the protein and creatine molecules in the structure of donkey milk. As you know, creatine is the fundamental element of hair care. So, donkey milk will be quite useful to your hairs.
  • Production Technique: These donkey milk soaps are produced in accordance with the traditional soap producing methods. So, these soaps are both organic and natural. By the way, it is not possible to add any chemicals to a milk-based soap. This will destroy the beneficial structure of the soap.
  • Smoothness: We mentioned the usage on hair, but this soap can be also used on your skin, too. The output of this usage will be smooth and attractive skin.

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