Arifoglu Organic Active Carbon Soap (Turkish Handmade)
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    GBA-Arifoglu Organic Active Carbon Soap (Turkish Hand Made)
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Arifoglu Organic Active Carbon Soap (Turkish Handmade)

It is always better to try different things in the skincare routine. The new approach to traditional Turkish soap production, Arifoglu Organic Active Carbon Soap (Turkish), would be a great attempt to this attempt. Wow! Look at that soap. We guess black soap is a revolution for soaps. To try different things in skincare buy this organic active carbon soap.

  • The Impact of Active Carbon: Active carbon is used in skin care products to provide an ultimate clean of pores on your skin. Let all the unwanted oils there begone from your skin. They shouldn’t cast a shadow on your beauty. Another benefit of active carbon is to staying way dead skin that remains on your skin.
  • Organic: This active carbon soap was produced with just organic and natural ingredients. At the end of the day, most of the active carbons gathered from coal. You know, diamonds’ source are coals, too. Don’t underestimate the coal.
  • A Revolution For Your Skin: This active carbon soap will be providing you a smooth skin. Also, this ultimate clearance will help your skin to take a breath from the poles on it. All these procedures will help you to have healthier skin. You deserve this!

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